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At FAMA®, we bring together best-in-class technology and a highly committed workforce. This allows us to form strategic partnerships to transform our customers’ productivity into utmost levels


We offer control and automation solutions in turnkey projects, precision manufacturing and specialized application development for the industry.

Glass Containers

Glass Containers

Our wide experience in the glass container industry allows us to provide solutions through products and services for IS Machines, Feeders, Glass Containers Handling, Variable Equipment, Maintenance, Engineering Services and Automation.

Metal Mechanics

Metal Mechanics

We manufacture toolings, machine parts, and automation systems that enhance the processes for various industries by taking advantage of our foundry capabilities, well-equipped infrastructure and quality processes.

We stand by manufacturers as they achieve utmost productivity levels.
mision y vision


To transform our clients’ productivity into utmost levels by integrating state-of-the-art technology and a highly committed workforce which result in strategic partnerships and integral business solutions for the Automation, Glass Containers and Metal Mechanic industries worldwide.



To be the world-class business solution provider that shapes the transformation of our strategic partners.



"At FAMA® we are strongly committed into becoming a world class company, helping our clients reach high productivities by operating in Mexico and around the globe."


Juan Farías


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