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"We at FAMA® transform our customers’ productivity into utmost levels by bringing together best-in-class technology and a highly committed workforce. This allows us to form strategic partnerships to provide integral solutions for the Glass Containers, Architectural & Automotive Glass and Metal Mechanic industries."


To transform our clients’ productivity into utmost levels by integrating state-of-the-art technology and a highly committed workforce which result in strategic partnerships and integral business solutions for the Glass Containers, Flat Glass and Metal Mechanic industries worldwide.



To be the world-class business solution provider that shapes the transformation of our strategic partners.



Customer Orientation
Our customers are at the center of everything we do.
Operational Excellence
Always exceed what is expected with greater efficiency, reliability and quality.
Enhance processes and operations with new ideas to consistently improve our results.
Create conditions to operate and grow in harmony with the environment and the communities we serve.
Always act with honesty and in adherence to our principles.
Our People
Unite our talent to work and grow together as one.
Mapa Continente Americano para Vitro

FAMA®: a Vitro® subsidiary

FAMA® born in 1943 as Vitro’s subsidiary for in-house machinery manufacturing, has a proven track record of creating forward and innovative industrial technology.


Later we expanded our products and services to the market, providing integral solutions for the glass industry.


With over 75 years of experience to stand on, FAMA now looks ahead as it extends into other industries to offer machine manufacturing, equipment and bespoke solutions. This in order to make the most of our capabilities.




Quality Policy

We are committed to our interest groups to comply with and to communicate consistently all agreements, standards, applicable regulations, and quality objectives.


In compliance with our continuous improvement and quality management system, the satisfaction will be reflected according to the value given by them.


We have a culture of operational excellence, as we acknowledge that the participation and competence of all of us who work at FAMA are fundamental to the processes.


ISO 9001:2015

Machinery design and development, manufacturing, repair, installation, commissioning, and post-sale service. Manufacture and repair of glass industry equipment and molds. Gray-iron casting manufacturing. Merchandising and technical assistance for supplied products.


ISO 28000:2007

An international standard that offers a model for supply chain safety management, which allows having a protection system in place for the international circulation of goods.




Vitro® starts operations.


FAMA® is born as the ‘technological arm’ of Vitro to provide machinery and equipment for the affiliate companies.


The first foundry is built using a cupola furnace.


The first two-section IS machine is produced, with the objective of creating new and more efficient machinery for the glass industry.


Mold and machinery exports begin.


Fabricación de Máquinas S.A. starts international operations.


FAMA® joins the globalization process by becoming an exporting company.


FAMA® expands its products and services globally, offering integral solutions for the glass industry.


With 75 years of experience and the sight set on the future, FAMA® reaches out to other industries in the manufacturing sector.

Over 75 years of experience...